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Getting Ready for Europe - Where I’m Going & How I Packed


I’m heading out to Europe for about a month and have decided to pack super light because I only have half of my trip actually planned and need the agility to randomly pickup and go quickly without being weighed down (yes, I’m going to try the “go where I feel like today” attitude and I don't know where I'm going or living for half of my trip). The good news is that it’s summer which makes packing light much easier!

For this trip, I'm doing carry-on only packing and that should suffice in terms of travel ease. However, for my next adventure I'm trying to figure out what it would look like to pack light for a multi-climate travel.  If you have any tips or suggestions I would love to hear, and stay tuned to see how I pack for that leg of the trip!

So let's get into what's happening in Europe!

My Travel Overview

  • Location: Europe (Berlin, Leiden, Tuscany is all I’ve got. Stay tuned to my Instagram/my blog to see where else I go!)

  • Climate: Mildly Hot (80-90 F.)

  • Date Range: August 2018

  • Lodging Type: AirBnbs, Hostels, & Friends' homes

  • Activit(ies): Walking, Eating, Learning, Chilling (i.e. I'm a low intensity kind of gal)


What's in my Bag(s)

I love learning new packing hacks and better methods of packing when I’m on vacation.  Below you will find a list of my gears and packing methods this round - I've tried to link as much as I can! 

Let me know what type of trip(s) you go on, what/how you pack, what your gears are, and if you have any hacks you've learned!

Gear & Tech (Not sure what else to really call this...)


Undergarments and Clothes


Essentials (Don't forget!)

  • Wallet

  • Phone

  • Passport/ID - copies in other compartments

  • Cash

  • Hotel /Itinerary

  • Lounge card

  • Clothesline (for washing my clothes)


Other Stuff

  • Earplugs, Sleep mask, Diva Cup (for the ladies)

  • Medication: Advil, Antihistamines, etc.

  • Collapsible Water Bottle

*=I'm wearing/using 1 of the items from the list on the plane.


What's in My Toiletry Bag?